About Us

Targetspace Ethos

Our aim is to deliver a high quality solution to any type of business in a prime location whilst maintaining an ongoing relationship with clients by offering professional services.

At the same time we aim to surpass expectations in customer service.

Maximising workplace potential

A growing desire by some businesses for a hassle free existence has led to significant growth in the serviced offices sector in recent years.

Companies can focus on developing their core business while somebody else worries about looking after the office.

But for all the benefits of taking a serviced office, they often lack those all important x-factors - the prestigious address and the 'after sales' service.

Targetspace gives you this and more - premier office buildings in central locations, flexible terms, state of the art conference meeting facilities and class leading IT telecoms in London.

What We Do

At Targetspace we take pride in being an operator who can provide great customer service, knowing our customers and their needs and always aiming to provide service excellence. We have four business centres in the UK, with 3 Conference Centre Venues, and 14 Virtual Office locations around the country.

Serviced offices

Our Serviced Offices are all located in easily accessible locations in central locations. IT & Telecommunications provision is second to none and we are confident that we can offer the most reliable and comprehensive package to allow our business to operate successfully in today’s competitive market place. Our reception teams greet you and your guests with a professional, efficient and above all friendly manner and with a big smile.

Virtual offices

At Targetspace we are expanding our network of Virtual Office locations around the country. Whether you are searching for a central city location or a presence on the south coast we are sure to be able to help. The prime office addresses coupled with our professional and friendly reception team answering your calls. Why have the overhead costs of an office where it’s not needed.

Meeting venues

We also have on site meeting rooms at our 4 business centre locations. The meeting rooms are ideal for one to one’s, interviewing and training as well as boardroom meetings. The beauty of the meeting rooms is that they are available by the hour should you need to take a room quickly for a short meeting.

Corporate Requirements

Corporate Requirements - have you a project team needing short term space? Have you the need to house a number of people but are not sure on the future of their work? We can help – we can provide true flexibility, clear pricing and hassle free office space to help you out. See some of our case studies for a better idea of what we can do.

Our People

Our people are integral to our business and as the first impression given to you, our client and your customers, we believe that through investment and development in our teams we ensure the best possible service is provided.

Our teams are enthusiastic, friendly, and passionate about their work and at all times offer a professional service. At Targetspace we like to take care of the day to day hassles and 'errands' that niggle at the back.

They’ll answer your calls promptly and politely in your company name, portraying a professional and friendly manner every time. They’ll take care of all the cleaning and maintenance and ensure there’s always enough tea and coffee in the kitchen.

They'll also look after your post and can provide administrative support for a small additional charge.

We deliver a superior service by creating client focussed teams and we ask our clients regularly to tell us what we can do to improve their experience.


Targetspace provide unbranded serviced offices fully furnished offices in 4 locations round the UK providing.

We have a portfolio of investments and developments throughout the UK, principally in London, Manchester and Norwich.

We are committed to the creation of the best possible space for investors and tenants, and believe that this is achieved by providing buildings that add to the overall quality of the built environment. This improvement can by achieved by aiming to balance and integrate the social, economic and environmental components within a framework of corporate policies and plans, to ensure a ‘better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come.

In particular we are commited to meet:

  • Social progress which recognises the needs of everyone
  • Effective protection of the enviroment
  • Prudent use of natural resources
  • Maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment

Targetspace will demonstrate this commitment by:

  • Continuously improving our enviromental, social and economic performance to maximise our positives and minimise our adverse effects on the environment and society
  • Complying with all relevant legislation & regulations
  • Actively encouraging & monitoring responsible enviromental, social and economic performance by our suppliers & contractors
  • Raising awareness of and encouraging action for sustainability amoungst staff, clients, end users and stakeholders

In particular, Targetspace will strive to undertake the following:

  • Focus development upon land which is inherently of low ecological value
  • Protect, enhance and manage the character and apperance of the landscape, townscape and local environmental quality maintaining and strengthening local distinctiveness and sense of place
  • To achieve high quality and sustainale design for buildings, spaces and the public realm which is sensitive to the locality

We at Targetspace recognise that our operations have a potential effect on the environment. As a consequence of this, we are committed to continuous monitoring and improvement in our performance in the following areas:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Reduction of carbon emissions
  • Reduction of staff travel by private car, increasing the use of public transport and encouraging active travel
  • Waste reduction, reuse and recycling
  • Sustainable construction & refurbishment
  • Protection and enhancement of biodiversity
  • Prevention of pollution

The company is also committed to promote sustainability in its Procurement Strategy by:

  • Including consideration of environmental and social alongside economic issues in procurement and investment decisions
  • Seeking approriate opportunities for local sourcing to support the local economy and reduce transport impacts
  • Wherever possible using recycled or renewable materials and supplies

Sustainability is an integral part of the Targetspace Group activities and we are determined to deliver the benefits that we believe it offers through continuous improvement and reviewing our progress on a regular basis. The Sustainability Policy will be reviewed annually and amended as appropriate to reflect the goals and aspirations in progressing sustainable development.


Our people are integral to our business and as the first impression given to you, our client and your customers, we believe that through investment and development in our teams we ensure the best possible service is provided.

Our teams are enthusiastic, friendly, and passionate about their work and at all times offer a professional service.

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If you think you’ve got the values and skills we are looking for please visit our dedicated careers website to find out more about working with us and what current openings we have.

Targetspace operate a fair and fun environment in which we work- all employees work within a fun environment, incorporating a common sense approach to deliver high quality services and business processes. There is an emphasis on ensuring our teams have the tools, knowledge and confidence to deliver great service.

Our motto is…Customer service first time , every time