IT & Telecoms

Targetspace understands just how important IT and Telecoms has become to your business and we partner with the industry’s leading service provider to make sure you get access to the best possible IT and Telecoms solution. With us your IT will be backed up with five star service commitments and managed by expert staff 24x7.

At Targetspace we also like to keep things as simple as possible; avoiding jargon when we can and eliminating complex pricing menus. Just choose between our two packages and your business will be up and running with a phone system and internet access from the moment you move in.

You can either compare our Business and Executive packages or just choose to try before you buy with a two month free upgrade to our Executive Package.

If you have more complex IT requirements then you can be confident that we have the flexibility and strength in depth to support you with additional services that include:

  • Dedicated internet bandwidth up to 100Mb/s
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Co-location
  • Online backup and Business Continuity services giving complete peace of mind
  • Virtual Microsoft desktop environments for all your business needs
  • Bespoke solutions for seamless integration

Can you imagine being liberated from the pains of managing IT and freed to focus on running your business? If that vision appeals to you then call us today on 0800 2888 999 and we will connect you with our IT and telecoms specialists to start turning that vision into reality.


Dedicated bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth

A pre-agreed level of dedicated (or un-contended) bandwidth allocated to a customer who is likely to be transferring high volumes of data over their IP connections. Targetspace is able to provide dedicated bandwidth of up to 100Mb/s to any one customer however, typical requirements are substantially lower. Dedicated bandwidth is provided with Quality of Service (QoS) quarantees and ensures that your service is never impacted by peaks in other network activity. This service is often provided in association with a Virtual Private Network.


A network that uses virtual connections routed (or tunneled) through the Internet from the company's private network to the remote site or employee (as opposed to using a dedicated and expensive physical connection such as a leased line). A VPN is typically requested to ensure a secure connection over the internet to a head office, branch offices or in some cases to a broader range of commercial business partners. VPNs help distant employees or partners to work and collaborate together securely.

Co-location space

Co-location space

Provide the datacenter environment (including bandwidth, power and failover) to host existing customer business applications. This co-location either involves placing existing customer hardware under Targetspace management within the datacenter or running existing applications on Targetspace hardware (either on dedicated physical servers or on logical partitions that use virtualisation to drive higher levels of efficiency). Co-location services are typically used to free customers from the overhead of IT systems management where that is not their core business.

Email & messaging

Services based on hosted Microsoft Exchange provide Targetspace customers with a managed email and mobile messaging capability. This option is typically taken by companies that wish to avoid the upfront costs (often in excess of £20K) and significant ongoing maintenance overhead of running their own email systems. Outsourcing email to Targetspace enables your staff to focus exclusively on your business instead of your email while you rest assured that your email is safe and secure.

Email & messaging
Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktops

Centralise the storage, execution and management of customer desktops within the Targetspace data center while providing users with a rich and individualised desktop experiences (while retaining full admin control over the desktop and applications). Hosted desktops are ideally suited to mobile and off-site workers who need access to their full work environment from anywhere, including secure access from non-company owned computers. They are also popular with larger companies implementing a centralised desktop strategy for office workers.

Bespoke solutions

Are key to ensure that everything knits together just the way the customer needs it. In partnering with the leading provider in the industry, Targetspace ensures that Business or Executive packages can be extended with any combination of specialised services and that these can then be integrated with any existing systems . We are confident that we have the best engineers in the business and the most open platform to make integration as simple as possible.

Bespoke solutions


Executive Package - £89

Comprehensive IT & Telecoms service with flexibility and sepcialist support.

Executive Package

Our Executive Package provides the most complete range of IT and telecoms capabilities available today; all managed by expert staff from our centralised 24/7 Network Operations Centre.

So what does it include over and above our Business Package?

  • Double the download speed
  • Eight times faster upload speed
  • Free local and national phone calls to geographic landlines
  • Free fax line
  • Free access to our UK based IT help desk
  • Free service reconfigurations as you grow and add/move desks

Questions you might want to consider when considering our Executive Package?

  • Does the internet play a key role in your average working day and do fast connection speeds matter to you?
  • Are you more than an occasional phone user and would you benefit from completely more predictable monthly call charges?
  • Do you operate without a dedicated IT team and prefer towould therefore benefit from professional support and a specialist IT help desk?
  • Are you a growing company that would benefit from the flexibility of adding, moving or changing desk configurations rapidly?

If you think these factors are important to you then the Executive Package has been designed just for you. Why not try it out for your first two months for the price of the Business Package and discover the differences for yourself? Try before you buy while saving £80 per desk.

Call us today on 0800 2888 999 to find out more and we will connect you with our IT and telecoms specialists to discuss your needs upfront.

Business Package

Our Business Package provides a great start for smaller organisations that simply need reliable IT and Telecoms services. Just like our Executive Package, the Business Package is managed by our expert staff 24/7 from our centralised Network Operations Centre.

So what are the key features of the Business Package?

  • Internet connection
  • Managed LAN
  • Full screen telephone handsets with direct dial

In fact, why not take up our offer of the Executive Package for the price of the Business Package for your first two months and discover the differences for yourself? Try before you buy while saving £80 per desk.

Call us today on 0800 2888 999 to find out more and we will connect you with our IT and telecoms specialists to discuss your needs upfront.

Business Package - £49

All the IT & Telecoms services you need to get started at a great rate.

Free Executive Upgrade

Why not take our offer of the Executive Package for the price of the Business Package for your first two months and discover the differences for yourself? Try before you buy while saving £80 per desk.

What our clients say

"It’s tough to put a value on your IT and telephone systems working perfectly all the time;
and that is exactly what we get from Targetspace?"

Seb Wagstaff
MD EMEA ResponseTek

"Targetspace have been hugely helpful to our young business. They have understood our needs from day one and worked with us to accommodate our needs as they have evolved. We are in our second space with them now and they would be our first choice for the third space when we are ready to grow into it."

Illuminate Financial

"TargetSpace have provided us with serviced offices for over six years. In that time, they've met our changing requirements and helped us grow the business from five to twenty people. The day-to-day standard of service is excellent - their people are experienced, professional and great to work with..."

Simon Whittaker Partner
New Digital Partnership

"We have to admit that Targetspace has certainly contributed towards our rapid growth throughout our stay at Wembley Point.

In today’s competitive market, we have to acknowledge the fact that the reputation/goodwill can only be attained through hard work and professional service hence customer satisfaction which I believe is one of the core objective of Targetspace Team members."

Mehan Accountants