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Serviced Office vs. Co-Working Spaces: Which Way Should You Go? 21st Dec 2016

According to the report of a group of experts at CoStar, the serviced office sector has grown 31% in the UK since 2008 and promises to increase in value to £126bn by 2025. Serviced offices’ popularity increase in recent years is not unexpected, thanks to the numerous benefits and peace-of-mind they provide. Another trending office concept, co-working spaces, also promise the flexibility and ease of use of serviced offices. Especially popular among tech entrepreneurs and freelancers, co-working spaces are the new hot spots for businesses with a “Shoreditch-mind-set”; ping pong tables and community lunches. However despite co-working spaces’ linkage with collaboration, innovation and creativity, there are still many reasons why a serviced office is most likely what you are looking for.

1-      Suitability to Employee Number:

If your company consists of less than a handful employees, then hot-desking or even dedicated desks in a co-working space may appeal. However, as the number of employees grow, having a bigger and furnished office space to rely on becomes a necessity.  

2-      Professional Image:

Having a fully furnished and equipped office space with professionally manned reception, serviced offices guarantee a reliable and established image for your business. Also, the condition of a working environment is proved to have effects on employee productivity - check our infographic for more info on work environment–productivity relation.      

3-      Privacy of Creation Process:

Even though some co-working spaces offer private rooms which people can book in advance to work on a project, this cannot be guaranteed every time and your work can easily be exposed to the eyes of a fellow desk-mate. This is not the type of “collaborative environment” you have signed up for. In serviced offices however, security and privacy are guaranteed as the office space only belongs to you and your team.  

If you want to hear more on why a serviced office is the right choice for your business, contact us now or see our available serviced offices in London