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Meet Us&Co. 28th Feb 2017

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 90% of people surveyed in co-working spaces stated that they felt more confident while co-working. This was followed by 68% feeling more focused, 71% more creative and 62% having a feeling of achieving an improved standard of work. Since the “boom” of creative class in early 2000s, the notion of co-working i.e. shared workplaces utilised by professionals from diverse fields, is gaining more and more popularity. Today, the concept of co-working is not only for the creative industries and depending on various factors about your business model and mission, it can be the right choice for you and your business. If you are on-board, meet our sister company, Us&Co.

Located in the vibrant City of London, just 5 minutes away from Monument & Tower Hill stations and 10 minutes from Bank, the new co-working space offers dedicated desk membership and hot desk membership options. Free meeting rooms and 24 hour access for dedicated desks, free Wi-Fi, access to breakout space on each floor, cycle rack, showers and of course fresh ground coffee, are some of the services you’ll be automatically opted in to when you become a member.

Other than the tangible benefits, what could working in a co-working space give to you or your small business?

 1 - Feedback That Matters

This is one of the most important benefit of being surrounded by like-minded individuals in a co-working place. Co-working environments, by nature, are homes to non-competing entrepreneurs or small businesses that are in the same boat. Sharing advice and experiences that seem to be useful to your co-working “neighbour” is almost in the culture of the concept. At the same time, this relationship allows you (as long as you want it!) to gain feedback on your project in its early stages, granting you an opportunity to take your work further than you possibly would have on your own.

2 - Flexibility to Be You

No corporate guidelines or philosophy to follow. Co-working spaces give you the flexibility and freedom necessary to be you and voice your own style and ethos. In return, this allows you to be more creative, open-minded and original, which are key ingredients to a successful business. Constantly describing what you do to your new co-working neighbours as they change (or as you change your location!) gives you the opportunity to develop your brand and its main tone of voice until you are fully satisfied that is aligned with who you are.  

3 - Feel More Job Control

Being part of a co-working space gives you more job control. Especially with hot desking memberships, you can choose whether you need to work in a quieter space for meeting your deadline or choose a spot in more populated communal areas. Co-working spaces grant you the much needed autonomy whether you are in the early stages of setting up your startup or driving your business further.

If you are interested in co-working in London, give Us & Co. a visit, and see the brand new opportunities it has to offer on here. If you still believe that a serviced office is a better match for your needs, check our available serviced offices here.