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7 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Serviced Offices 24th May 2017

When you are looking for a new office space for your business, serviced offices are definitely one of the most convenient and flexible options you can get. However, you may have heard many statements that might discourage you to opt for them – but, how many of them are actually true?

“Business rates affect costs – it’s too expensive!”

Serviced office rents do not get affected by business rate changes. This means that even if business rates increase annually, your rent will not change because of this - saving you from a nasty shock. The number one myth about serviced offices is that they are very costly however this is not the case as a non-serviced office may end up making you spend more money due to business rate fluctuations. 

“Moving from a non-serviced office to a serviced office takes so much time”

Moving does take time – whether it is for commercial reasons or a basic home-move. Serviced offices however have many services already set up and ready to use. This will allow you to not waste valuable time on procedures such as arranging utility and internet providers, telephone connections or going through lengthy administrative processes. 

“Serviced offices are only for small businesses and start-ups”

A general misconception is to perceive serviced offices as a hub for solo entrepreneurs or small start-ups. Even though serviced offices can be very well suited for short-term projects as well, it is preferred by larger organisations and even governments across the world. At Targetspace, our serviced office spaces are flexible, meaning it is possible to rearrange the floor according to your needs from meeting rooms to Directors offices. 

“Serviced offices don’t allow corporate branding of the space” 

Flexibility is key in running serviced offices. We are dedicated to providing an unbranded, clean, fresh office space as well as comfy break out spaces for you and your team to enjoy for lunch and coffee breaks. 

“Serviced offices are only open for limited hours”

Today’s business world is international and therefore never stops. So why should your office access be limited by certain times? Targetspace serviced offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

“Location doesn’t change anything”

Location is key for any office space, including serviced offices. As a business, you would like to be positioned at an opportune location no matter the city you are in – close to transport networks, clients and amenities. This is why Targetspace offers serviced office spaces in the heart of London’s business scene: The City (Liverpool Street and Aldgate stations) as well as Central London (Holborn station). 

“Serviced offices come with too many hidden costs”

Hidden costs should never be accepted by any parties at any stage of the contract. At Targetspace we talk with you about your requirements and provide clear, transparent pricing, avoiding any hidden costs. 

At Targetspace, our high quality serviced offices in the City of London and Central London can be occupied for as short as 1 month to as long as needed. We offer bright, fully furnished offices with strong, resilient bandwidth services, 24-hour access, friendly and professional on-site teams which are here to help whenever you need. If you’d like to get more information on our available serviced offices, get in touch with us here